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Damon Musselman - Educator at

Damon Musselman has been passionate about flying machines all his life. As a child, he would often get up VERY early (annoying his parents no end) to watch the Apollo launches, and during the Apollo 11 moonwalk, (in his words) "could not have been pulled away from the TV set with a tow truck".

Damon took that passion and parlayed it into a BS in Aerospace Engineering from San Jose State University as well as a private pilot's license. He spent 13 years in the field of spacecraft operations and systems engineering, eventually becoming an orbit analyst for commercial spacecraft. His knowledge of rocket propulsion and the space environment make him a natural pick to teach our class on Space Exploration! Damon recently left the Aerospace field to pursue his own business marketing personal development products. He is the father of 2 boys, ages 6 & 10, and enjoys taking them to theme parks and Oakland A's games.

Courses by Damon Musselman

Damon Musselman teaches the following classes at

Title: Navigation
Overview: Learn how to use a compass, read a map, find your way in nature, and work with other navigational to... more

Title: Space Exploration
Overview: Blast off on a mission to explore outer space and the objects in it. Learn about rocket propulsion w... more

Title: Solar Energy
Overview: In one way or another, almost every form of energy we use originates as energy from the sun. Solar e... more

Overview: Where real science and science fiction meet! Don't miss the opportunity! "Imagination is more ... more
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