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Elizabeth Keller - Educator at


Elizabeth Keller, Owner, Author, Creator has poured her passion for science and dedication to igniting the fires of inspiration for budding young scientists in form of the website. The website has evolved over the years since it was first launched in 1998 and has grown into one of the most highly visited science websites on the World Wide Web.

During graduate school and later, after her first daughter was born (she now has 4!), Elizabeth taught science at school as a substitute teacher. The students she taught found her stories of science in space riveting. She took her own fascination with things extreme and her love of teaching and inspiring kids and turned it into a science education website aimed for kids. Now she has decided to take it a step further and teach science classes over the Internet via the interactive classroom.

Web site:

Courses by Elizabeth Keller

Elizabeth Keller teaches the following classes at

Title: Animals
Overview: Can you identify an animal by its footprint? How many animals are in your backyard? Can you hear an ... more

Title: Time
Overview: The measurement of time is crucial to science. Learn how to tell time, and how analog clocks, digita... more

Title: Ocean Animals and Aquariums
Overview: Watch the feeding of a star fish and abalones. Learn about the habitat of water animals and how to s... more

Title: Archaeology
Overview: Play the role of archaeologist as you explore a pyramid model and the treasures buried within. After... more

Title: Dinosaurs and Fossils
Overview: Long before history was ever recorded, fascinating creatures swam in oceans, soared through skies, a... more
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