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To be announced - Educator at

Biography: is looking for a passionate science teacher to teach this subject going forward. If you are interested please contact us via email

Courses by To be announced

To be announced teaches the following classes at

Title: Electricity
Overview: Students learn the basics of making an electric circuit and discover what happens when lights are ho... more

Title: Simple Chemistry 1
Overview: Students discover a weird goop made from corn starch that acts as a solid and a liquid. Then, they c... more

Title: Heat Conduction
Overview: Students discover what makes a good heat insulator and conductor as they experiment with a wide vari... more

Title: Simple Chemistry 2
Overview: Students make a common metal dissolve with vinegar. Then, they discover what happens when red cabbag... more

Title: Lasers and Mirrors
Overview: Students use their reflections in plastic mirrors to discover how to make a million eyes, a "tunnel"... more

Title: Gyroscopes
Overview: Students discover the gyroscopic effect then they make their own gyroscopic top and try to make it ... more

Title: Sound Effects
Overview: Students discover the feel and sound of vibrations. We explore the dangers of loud headphone music. ... more
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