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Alejandro Velez is co-founder of Back to the Roots (, a 100% sustainable urban mushroom farm that transforms coffee ground waste into the growing medium for gourmet mushrooms, mushroom kits and provides sustainable DIY products f ... (more)
Brad Huff earned a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Washington, an M.A.T. in science and mathematics from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and an A.B. from Hamilton College. He is an award winning teacher, teacher educator, and profes ... (more)
Damon Musselman has been passionate about flying machines all his life. As a child, he would often get up VERY early (annoying his parents no end) to watch the Apollo launches, and during the Apollo 11 moonwalk, (in his words) "could not have been p ... (more)
Damon grew up on a 5acre farm in Fresno, California. As the eldest of 5 boys he was in charge of milking the goats, feeding the pigs, watering the alfalfa hay, putting in new fences ,butchering the rabbits(and goats, sheep, and chickens) and most of ... (more)
Elizabeth Keller, Owner, Author, Creator has poured her passion for science and dedication to igniting the fires of inspiration for budding young scientists in form of the website. The website has evolved over ... (more)
Eric (Slow the Flow Program Coordinator) has always had a passion for the environment, and in high school he discovered that you don't need to be a whiz at physics, math, or chemistry in order to be a scientist. Eric pursued his passion by earning a ... (more)
Frank Cascarano has been teaching physics at Foothill College since 2003, after working ten years in the semiconductor industry. He earned a bachelor's degree in physics from UC Davis and a master's in physics from UC San Diego. He enjoys doing ph ... (more)
Dr. Li earned his Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University. He has extensive research experience in synthesis, characterization and applications of nanometer-scale materials. He has deep understanding of chemistry and physic ... (more)
Early exposure to activities such as backpacking in the Sierras, hiking in marine reserves, maintaining a car, travelling to faraway lands, and visiting many museums, nurtured Lieke's love for learning. Having this exposure influenced her to pursue a ... (more)
Marcelo has always been a water enthusiast and discovered his love for water at an early age. At the age of 6, he built his first boat together with his grandpa on a lake in Switzerland. Since then, he has had many boats and windsurfers. One of his f ... (more)
Maria Picar has been teaching pre-school children for over ten years. She has taught Science to pre-schoolers for the last two years and also continues to teach dance and acting through her home studio Ingleside Creative Arts and through the Autism ... (more)
As long as Mozy can remember, art has been a part of her life and a part of her being. She has dedicated her professional life to helping others discover and develop their creative talents. Mozy graduated from the University of Washington with a BA i ... (more)
Patrick from SEASCAPES is passionate about Fish & Pets. He has a lot of knowledge about snakes, reptiles, fish, and all sort of animals. Visit him in the store to view and buy his animals. The store is located at: 298 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA ... (more)
Professor Franciscan is the Headmaster of Science experiments have always been his passion. As a young student he enjoyed the subscription to a science magazine that not only delivered fun facts and stories but also science toys to ... (more)
He has been seen at the Great Wall of China, Italy, Spain, Austria, and South America. From sophisticated to universally funny, language is no barrier. He is delightfully different and he defies all expectations. He is imaginative and dazzling and hi ... (more)
Sharon Slayton is a subject matter expert and professional consultant in the fields of personal, professional and organizational development. She has spent more than 15 years designing models and training people in "life systems" that create and fo ... (more)
The Stanford Solar Center is dedicated to sharing the joy and excitement of solar science exploration. Acting as the education and public outreach arm of the Solar Observatories Group, and funded by NASA, the Solar Center provides resources, activiti ... (more)
Steve Zavala has always enjoyed learning how things work. Riding bikes fast and repairing electronics were early hobbies. As a grease monkey at age 13, he fixed and tuned up fancy cars at an Import Automotive garage. A love of math, science and compu ... (more) is looking for a passionate science teacher to teach this subject going forward. If you are interested please contact us via email
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