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Watersafe Science Project 4 Pack by Silver Lake Research

Category: Chemistry

Minimum Age: 6
Number of Experiments: 4
Released: 2010
Available: No

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Our Science Project 4 Pack contains everything you need to conduct sophisticated water testing experiments at home or out in the field. You can quickly and accurately test water for: Lead, Bacteria, Pesticides, Nitrates, Nitrites, Chlorine, Hardness & pH levels.

For Students:
Your next environmental science or ecology project will be a snap. Our clear and scientifically designed experiments will help you make the grade as you discover the world around you.

  • Each kit contains everything you need to test water for 8 common contaminantes
  • Get clear results for the presence of lead or pesticides
  • Learn if your samples contain harmful levels of bacteria, chlorine or nitrates/nitrites
  • Get accurate pH and Hardness levels for your water
  • Our ready-to-use data sheets help you record your results quickly and efficiently
  • We make reports easy! An interactive CD displays and compares your findings.
  • Simply type in your data and print out your results


For Parents and Families:
Did you know that potentially lethal bacteria such as E. coli can be found in some drinking water and that lead, a highly toxic substance, can leach from pipes or fixtures and straight into your faucets? Did you also know that millions of pounds of dangerous pesticides and harmful nitrates are still released into the environment every year?

Clean drinking water is vital to your health. It’s time to take action and get involved! Learn about your environment and have fun doing it. Watersafe#0174; Science Project kits help you design the perfect science experiment right in your own backyard!

  • Compare water from your faucets to that of store-bought bottled water
  • Test rivers and streams near your home, school or recreation area
  • Find out what’s in a rain puddle
  • Encourage kids to learn and take part in the world around them by investigating and making discoveries
  • Easy-to-read charts explain results clearly
  • Watch samples change colors before you eyes, revealing what’s inside!

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Science Class Trailer

Companion Online Class Available for this Kit. Details
Watch the short summary of our science class on this subject to get a preview of what you will be able to do with this science kit.

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Take a look inside.

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User Comments on Watersafe Science Project 4 Pack

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