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Magnet Kit by Science Castle

Category: Physics

Minimum Age: 8
Number of Experiments: 8
Released: 2011
Available: No

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Magnet Kit - Science Story and Experiments

“... It seems like no one has been in the room but yet all the money is gone!!” “There must be an explanation,” exclaimed the Headmaster. “And it has to have something to do with the flying objects. That’s for sure.” Maxi rushed back to see Mike. After he reported everything that he had just heard, they both looked at each other and said: “The Evil Dr. D...” Join Mike and his friend the lab mouse Maxi in their scientific adventures.

This kit will introduce you to MAGNETS. Perform the science experiments and use your new knowledge to help Mike and Maxi find the solution they are looking for. Sounds like fun? Enjoy!

Science Experiments included:

1. Discover magnets
2. Measure the “speed” of magnets
3. A magnetic suspension
4. Magnetic screwdriver
5. Identifying fake magnets
6. Make your own compass
7. Make a stick hover in mid air
8. Magnetic money

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Science Class Trailer

Companion Online Class Available for this Kit. Details
Watch the short summary of our science class on this subject to get a preview of what you will be able to do with this science kit.

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Small parts are choking hazard. Keep this kit away from small children.

Take a look inside.

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User Comments on Magnet Kit

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Science Projects in this Kit:

Discover Magnets
Discover the attractive and repulsive nature of the magnets with each other and then test common materials.
Number of views: 3453

Measure the "speed" of magnets
Discover how fast different type of magnets can make their way through a Copper tube.
Number of views: 4752

A magnetic suspension
How to create a system of shock absorbers, designed to reduce unwanted motion transmitted from a riding surface, using two magnets and a plastic tube?
Number of views: 4239

Magnetic Screwdriver
Turn an ordinary screwdriver into a magnet.
Number of views: 3951

Identifying fake Magnets
Suppose someone gave you two magnets that look identical. One of them is a magnet and one of them is not. How would you tell one from the other? You can only touch them together but to nothing else. I ...
Number of views: 3079

Make your own compass
Keep a small magnet with you when you are out backpacking or hiking. If you forgot your compass you can make your own.
Number of views: 5308

Make a pen hover in mid air
It is really difficult to have one magnet hover over another one in mid air. Use this simple construction to make a pen hover in mid air.
Number of views: 13791

Magnetic Money
You can use magnets to identify if money is real or fake.
Number of views: 9465

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