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    Little Labs: Stepping into Science
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Little Labs: Weather by Thames & Kosmos

Category: Earth & Space

Minimum Age: 5
Number of Experiments: 10
Released: 2007
Available: No

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Investigate weather with experiments on wind, rain, storms, clouds, rainbows, temperature, evaporation, pressure, and more. 16-page color guidebook.

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Science Class Trailer

Companion Online Class Available for this Kit. Details
Watch the short summary of our science class on this subject to get a preview of what you will be able to do with this science kit.

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WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Take a look inside.

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User Comments on Little Labs: Weather

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Science Projects in this Kit:

Where do clouds come from?
Have you ever wondered where clouds come from? Are they produced by airplanes? Or maybe by the chimneys of the factories? Try this little experiment to find out.
Number of views: 8270

Who makes the weather?
The weather is changing all the time. Who or what makes it change? Try this little experiment to find out yourself.
Number of views: 3468

Build a Weather Station
Are you curious about the weather? Do you want to become a Meteorologist? Then build your own weather station and measure it. Follow the simple instructions of this science project and you will get a ...
Number of views: 6384

Make water disappear
Try this simple experiment to make water disappear out of a jar with no leaks.
Number of views: 8932

Use a thermometer to measure the weather
Try this fun experiment to learn how to use a thermometer and how to measure the temperature of the weather with it.
Number of views: 4773

What creates a rainbow?
Someday you can see a beautiful rainbow up in the sky. What is it that creates a rainbow? Why is it there for only a short period of time? Figure it out yourself by doing this fun experiment.
Number of views: 6337

Make water appear
Have you ever drawn with your fingers on a mirror after you took a bath? Why does the mirror steam up when you take a hot bath? Try this fun experiment to find out.
Number of views: 4413

What causes lightning?
Have you ever observed lightning occur during a thunderstorm? Do you know why lightning happens and what causes it? Find out yourself with this easy science project.
Number of views: 8297

Build a Thunder Pouch
What happens when lightning happens is we usually get thunder. Try this fun little experiment to create thunder on your very own. There are many different tools and toys out there to gener ...
Number of views: 7683

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