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Little Labs: Plants by Thames & Kosmos

Category: Biology

Minimum Age: 5
Number of Experiments: 8
Released: 2007
Available: No

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Learn how plants germinate from seeds, how they grow, what they need to grow, what they produce, and how their roots, stems, and leaves work. 16-page color guidebook.

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Science Class Trailer

Companion Online Class Available for this Kit. Details
Watch the short summary of our science class on this subject to get a preview of what you will be able to do with this science kit.

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WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Take a look inside.

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User Comments on Little Labs: Plants

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Science Projects in this Kit:

Make a Plant sweat!
When you exercise your body starts to sweat in order to cool itself down. What about plants? Can plants sweat too? Try this fun little experiment to find out.
Number of views: 7732

Beans Explosion
Try this fun experiments with beans to find out how strong seeds are. Try to trap them see how powerful they can get.
Number of views: 12632

Frankenstein Plants
How do plants reproduce? Most of them make seeds. Making seeds usually happens through a process called fertilization, and plant fertilization almost always involves pollen. Plants aren't really bo ...
Number of views: 4948

Plants and Light
Plants need several important things to grow. Besides water, dirt and energy they need something else. Try this fun experiment to figure out what it is.
Number of views: 8345

Plants Maze Experiment
Have you ever been stuck in a dark maze? Make sure you take a couple of bean seeds with you. They might be handy to find your way out.
Number of views: 6594

Build your own Watering System
This experiment will show you how water molecules stick together and how water will travel uphill to keep flowing whenever possible. The string in this experiment acts just like the xylem in plants - ...
Number of views: 6485

What do seeds need in order to sprout?
Many plants start out as seeds, and seeds need some important things in order to grow. In this experiment, you'll attempt to sprout your very own seeds and you'll find out more about the elements tha ...
Number of views: 6070

Can we control where plants grow?
We can control where plants grow by providing them with the food and sunlight they need, or by taking those important things away. In this experiment you will create an environment for your plants th ...
Number of views: 4638

Besides water and light, do plants need anything else to grow?
Plants need air to breathe. They give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide - which is a very useful trick since people need the oxygen to breathe too. Of course, when plants live in the open air, t ...
Number of views: 7788

Can flowers change colors? How thirsty are plants?
In this experiment you'll see if you can get a flower to change color. You'll also get to measure how much your flowers drink. Feed white flowers colored water, and watch as the water takes the xyl ...
Number of views: 9372

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