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Top Science Gifts for Children

Science Kits make the Perfect Gifts! Do you know why?

No question - they are lots of fun just like other toys. However, while other toys end up in a toy box after a few hours of playing, science kits create something lasting that no one can take from you anymore - Knowledge.

Select a Gift of Knowledge now!

Candy Factory - The Science of Sweets

What better time of the year is there than the Holidays to study the science of sweets? Experiment with the art of making candy, and learn how it forms and why it tastes so good? Order this science kit now for hours of fun and exploration.

Order it now.

Price: $42.95

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The Perfect Beginner Experiment Kit!

Stepping into Science

Begin a lifetime of scientific investigation and understanding. Stepping into Science is designed for children 5 & up. It teaches science fundamentals through 25 hands-on science experiments, while at the same time introducing children to the concept and process of experimentation.

The science kit covers five key areas:

  • Nature
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Air
  • Water

The first kit in the Little Labs line - Stepping into Science teaches science fundamentals with step-by-step, hands-on experiments. The kit also includes a booklet with easy to follow instructions.

Order Now!

Price: only $34.95

Colored Christmas Ornaments

Do you want to learn all about colors? Then this is the perfect kit for you!

Little Labs: Colors by Thames & Kosmos

Reindeer Tracks

Santa Claus and his Reindeer bring candies and toys to the homes of children on the night of Christmas. Can you identify the Reindeer's footprints? Try it with this fun kit!

Little Labs: Colors by Thames & Kosmos

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