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About Us

Welcome to! The world's fastest growing online science community for kids. provides online science classes, science kits, and many exciting science projects. We offer quality science kits to inspire our students in their life to explore the world around them and discover how much fun science can be!

Class at the Tech Museum
of Innovation
The vision of is to create an online science community for children that delivers a hands-on science experience via the Internet.

The mission is to inspire children to learn science in a fun and interactive environment online with other children all over the world.

Meet the Management Team

Roland Oberdorfer

Roland Oberdorfer is the founder and Headmaster of Science experiments have always been his passion. As a young student he enjoyed the subscription to a science magazine that not only delivered fun facts and stories but also science toys to tinker with. Roland founded in 2006 with the vision to create an online science community for children that provides hands-on science experiments via the Internet.

Natalya Oberdorfer

Natalya Oberdorfer is Co-Founder and Creative Director of Her background is Computer Science as well. Natalya, who has worked in Russia, Brazil, and France strongly believes in the learning through storytelling. For she not only designed the website, but also co-wrote the science books that come with our online classes. Natalya enjoys reading especially to her three young children.

Desiree Karge

Desiree Karge is Director of Public Relations and Event Coordinator at She has a Masters in food chemistry and a background in journalism and teaching. She has been working for over 10 years as a science writer. Desiree has three school-age children, who are vivid students. She also illustrates fun drawings of our two brave scientists Mike and his friend the talking lab mouse Maxi.

What our customers say:

"I am a fairly new science teacher (3rd year). I still feel like a novice much of the time, but your experiments have made me more enthusiastic about teaching science and letting the students learn through hands on experiments. I wish my science teachers in school had made learning this much fun. Thanks for making learning and teaching science fun again."
~ Math and Science Teacher
Cumberland Academy Charter School
Tyler, TX

"This is a wonderful website for scientific experiments. Everything is so scientific! I was told to do some science experiments, i searched everywhere on the Internet, this website was the BEST. THANKS!!"
~ Neelabh Champ

"I signed up when I was looking for stuff on how to make a spinning top for science class. I found your web-site and thought it looked neat!"
~ Rebekah

"This looks like a wonderful website for homeschoolers (and anyone else!), and one that I think will excite my boys."
~ Teal Richardson
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