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Build a Pulley

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Do you know what a pulley does and where you can find them? Pulleys can be found everywhere, for example in elevators, on sailboats, or on cranes. Build a pulley yourself to find out how they work.

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Subject: Physics

Description: Leonardo da Vinci is celebrated as the inventor of extraordinary machines and mechanical devices that entered the common heritage of technical culture (more)

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Subject: Little Labs: Physics

Description: What does a lever do? How does a scale work? How do pulleys make lifting easier? How does force relate to motion? What is energy? With this kit you ca (more)

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Part of Science Kit: Little Labs: Physics
Class: Physics
Category: Physics
Created by: Physics Teacher
Added: July 2, 2009
| Number of views: 6447
| Number of times started: 173
| Number of ratings: 3
| Average rating: (4.33)

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