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Gyroscopes Science Class

Teacher: To be announced

Language: English
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Description: Students discover the gyroscopic effect then they make their own gyroscopic top and try to make it spin as long as possible.

Class Experiments

The following experiments will be demonstrated as part of this class:

Title: Build a spinning Top
Created: 2008-08-15 13:13:17
Overview: The top is one of the oldest recognizable toys. A top, or spinning top, is a toy that can be spun on...

Title: Bicycle Wheel Top
Created: 2008-08-15 13:42:34
Overview: If you have a bicycle you can do neat things with its wheel.

Title: A Gyroscope in a Box
Created: 2008-08-17 20:19:14
Overview: What if you hide a spinning bicycle wheel in a suitcase? That would be kind of neat. What wo...

Materials used

The following materials are required for this class:
- 2 CD's
- 1 Test tube
- 1 Pink string
- 1 Pencil
- 2 Sticker sets (Benham's disk, colors)
- 1 Green nylon string
- 1 CD
- 2 Handles (pencil pieces)
- 1 Plastic plate
- 2 Rubber bands
- 1 Bent paper clip
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