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Archaeology Science Class

Teacher: Elizabeth Keller

Language: English
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Description: Play the role of archaeologist as you explore a pyramid model and the treasures buried within. After using hieroglyphics to decipher the secret to unlocking the pyramid, use tools and techniques similar to those of a real archaeologist to carefully excavate a sarcophagus, death mask, and four canopic urns from inside. Open the sarcophagus, and you will discover a model mummy preserved within.

As you uncover the artifacts in the pyramid, you will learn about archaeological science, including excavation, conservation, dating, and remote sensing. You will also learn about ancient Egyptian customs, hieroglyphics, mummification, and pyramid construction. Investigate the layout of the pyramid, its various chambers, hidden passageways, and security devices by constructing a three-dimensional cross section.

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Title: Mummification
Created: 2009-09-23 05:31:19
Overview: Ancient Egyptians wanted to avoid that the bodies of dead people in their coffins decayed, meaning t...

Recording on September 19, 2009 at: Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium

The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planetarium is an educational institution that uses trans-disciplinary approaches to increasing knowledge about the past, present, and future, especially related to the diversity and relationships in nature and among cultures.

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