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Simple Chemistry 2 Science Class

Teacher: To be announced

Language: English
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Description: Students make a common metal dissolve with vinegar. Then, they discover what happens when red cabbage juice is mixed with an acid and a base.

Class Experiments

The following experiments will be demonstrated as part of this class:

Title: Test Acids and Bases
Created: 2008-05-04 05:24:35
Overview: How to differantiate acids and bases with simple cabbage juice.

Title: Dissolve Calcium Chloride
Created: 2008-05-21 17:15:57
Overview: Find out how to heat up water without a stove, but with calcium chloride.

Title: Dissolve Baking Soda
Created: 2008-05-21 17:29:53
Overview: Find out how to cool down water without a refrigerator, but with baking soda.

Title: Metal-eating Vinegar
Created: 2008-05-21 17:38:55
Overview: Learn how to make a common metal dissolve with vinegar.

Title: Pink Chemistry in a ZiplocTM Bag
Created: 2008-05-21 17:59:26
Overview: Observe the reaction of calcium chloride, cabbage juice, and baking soda inside a ZiplogTM bag.

Title: Baking Soda Bag
Created: 2008-05-21 18:11:59
Overview: Observe the reaction of baking soda within a Ziplog bag.

Title: Fuel of the Future
Created: 2008-05-21 18:23:35
Overview: Learn how to make the fuel of the future with magnesium and vinegar.

Title: Pop a Bag
Created: 2008-05-21 18:32:26
Overview: Find out if you can pop a bag using just baking soda and vinegar.

Materials used

The following materials are required for this class:
- 2 Balloons of vinegar
  One = 1 oz = 30g
  One = 2 oz = 60g
- 1 Balloon cabbage juice
  1 oz = 30 g
- 2 Containers of CaCl2 - 16g ea
- 1 Bottle ammonia
- 1 Bottle Mg Y2 fo II
- 2 Containers with Baking Soda 16g ea
- 1 Pimpette
- 2 small cups
- 2 zip locks
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