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Weather Science Class

Teacher: Sharon M Slayton

Story: Mike and Maxi - The Secret Weather Station

Length: 52.19 minutes
Language: English
Views: 541

Description: Investigate weather with experiments on wind, rain, storms, clouds, rainbows, temperature, evaporation, pressure, and more.

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Class Experiments

The following experiments will be demonstrated as part of this class:

Title: Where do clouds come from?
Created: 2008-11-18 18:07:40
Overview: Have you ever wondered where clouds come from? Are they produced by airplanes? Or maybe by the chimn...

Title: Who makes the weather?
Created: 2008-11-24 14:34:03
Overview: The weather is changing all the time. Who or what makes it change? Try this little experiment to fin...

Title: Build a Weather Station
Created: 2008-11-25 14:31:52
Overview: Are you curious about the weather? Do you want to become a Meteorologist? Then build your own weathe...

Title: Make water disappear
Created: 2008-11-28 14:26:52
Overview: Try this simple experiment to make water disappear out of a jar with no leaks.

Title: Use a thermometer to measure the weather
Created: 2008-11-28 15:03:14
Overview: Try this fun experiment to learn how to use a thermometer and how to measure the temperature of the ...

Title: What creates a rainbow?
Created: 2008-12-02 15:04:32
Overview: Someday you can see a beautiful rainbow up in the sky. What is it that creates a rainbow? Why is it ...

Title: Make water appear
Created: 2008-12-05 13:41:27
Overview: Have you ever drawn with your fingers on a mirror after you took a bath? Why does the mirror steam u...

Title: What causes lightning?
Created: 2008-12-05 14:49:41
Overview: Have you ever observed lightning occur during a thunderstorm? Do you know why lightning happens and ...

Title: Build a Thunder Pouch
Created: 2009-02-16 19:06:13
Overview: What happens when lightning happens is we usually get thunder. Try this fun little experiment to cre...

Materials used

The following materials are required for this class:

Mike and Maxi - The Story

One day, not too long ago, our heroes, Mike and lab mouse Maxi, were looking out of the window ? with very sad faces: "Why does it always have to rain on the days we've planned to go swimming?" Maxi looked up at Mike; "It isn't really always, you kn ...

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